RSV and

Older adults and adults with certain underlying conditions are at a greater risk of severe complications due to respiratory syncytial virus (RSV)

While RSV usually causes mild, cold-like symptoms, some adults may have more severe symptoms. RSV infections can increase the risk of hospitalization for people with:

Icon: diabetes


Icon: chronic lung disease

Chronic Obstructive
Pulmonary Disease

Icon: chronic heart disease

Heart Failure (CHF)

You may be doing your best to manage your cardiovascular or respiratory disease, but RSV can still have a negative impact on your disease management—including if you have COPD, asthma, or CHF.


How negative? RSV can cause the severity of the symptoms you manage every day to get worse and even lead to hospitalization.

RSV can pose an increased risk of hospitalization for older adults and adults with certain underlying conditions*

Diabetes 2.4x or 6.4x more likely Asthma 2.3x or 2.5x more likely CAD 3.8x or 6.5x more likely CHF 4x-7.6x more likely COPD 3.5x or 13.4x more likely

*A prospective, population-based, surveillance study was conducted to estimate the incidence of RSV hospitalization among adults ≥18 years overall and those with specific comorbidities. Active and passive surveillance identified 1099 adults hospitalized with RSV in 2 geographical areas (Rochester and New York City) over 3 RSV seasons. The incident rate ratios presented above are not a range, but rather observations from 2 different locations comprised of the surveillance area. Estimated incidence rates for all comorbid conditions increased with age.
Incidence rate ratio in Rochester for hospitalizations related to asthma was not considered to be statistically significant.

As you can see, different people can get RSV—but this virus can severely impact older adults and adults with certain underlying conditions. Some ways you can help prevent RSV infection are:

Icon: wash hands

Wash your

Icon: keep hands off face

Keep your
hands off your

Icon: avoid contact with sick people

Avoid close
contact with
sick people

Icon: cover coughs and sneezes

Cover your
coughs and

Icon: clean surfaces

Clean and
around you

Patient talking to doctor image Patient talking to doctor image

In addition to the prevention tips above, talk with your doctor about your risk of complications due to RSV.